Building Bridges

When Learning Becomes Too Much: Seven Ways to Reduce Cognitive Overload

Have you ever been in a class where everyone’s eyes are glazed over? By the end of the first half-day, participants stop, well, participating? Perhaps the course just isn’t engaging them. Or, perhaps (cue music: dut, dut, dut) they are experiencing cognitive overload. So, what is cognitive overload? Cognitive overload is an inundation of short-term […]

Creating Your Own Sweet Adventure

“When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.” – Regina Brett Like many people, I have a weakness for chocolate. For a while, I had wanted to take a chocolate walking tour in Boston, enjoying the city while sampling delicacies from various specialty shops. This would be a tasty way to be a tourist in […]

Ingenious Ways to Improve Learner Retention

As instructional designers, we focus on improving employee performance through knowledge and an increased skill set. We strive for learners to retain what they learn and implement it in their jobs. Yet, with so many competing demands at work and home, retaining what we learn can be easier said than done. For the instructional designer, […]

Lessons from a Cozy Igloo

Now that we are deep in the midst of a sweltering summer, it may be the perfect time to reminisce about my vacation last March to chilly Quebec, and more specifically, to a night spent in its world-famous Hôtel de Glace, or Ice Hotel. This was a unique experience, and I appreciated both the hotel’s […]

Revitalize Your Training With a Course Audit

Suppose you want to make home improvements, but are not sure exactly where to start. You could hire a contractor and interior decorator to completely overhaul a family room or great room, with new room structure, colors, wall coverings, and furniture. Yet, is a completely new room more than what you need? Maybe the room […]

Don’t Just Check Your Training Off

This summer, I traveled with my family to Europe, visiting Paris and the Louvre. We had the opportunity to see many artistic works at the Louvre, including Venus de Milo, Winged Victory of Samothrace, and the Mona Lisa. Seeing both Venus de Milo and Winged Victory was wonderful. I could stand in front of each […]

What’s in a Game?

Margie and Alex are each leading a classroom-based course on coaching employees. They use quotations to help the learners process the attributes and benefits of effective coaching. The course is delivered to two different groups comprised of similar learners. In the first session Margie posts flip charts around the room. Each chart contains a quote […]

Evaluation Enhances Blended and Online Learning

EnVision Performance Solutions and our elearning collaborator, Illumina Interactive, recently competed in the LINGOs (Learning in Non-Government Organizations) Global Giveback 2 Competition. Having developed dozens of online/elearning courses in the past few years, we jumped on this opportunity to “push the envelope” and integrate a variety of approaches. For the competition we worked with Management [...]

Learner Feedback On-the-Go: Formative Level 1 Evaluation

Blank stares? Smiles? Droopy eyelids? How is your class going? In this e-letter we’ll explore methods to better evaluate learner reaction throughout a class (formative evaluation), rather than relying solely on physical symptoms (which may not be sending the intended message) or waiting until the end to have learners complete a (summative) course evaluation. Why […]

10 Tips for Subject Matter Experts Who Deliver Training

Are you, or is someone you know, a subject matter expert who delivers training? As companies continue to streamline their expenses, they are calling upon subject matter experts more and more to prepare and deliver training. If that describes you, read on for useful tips before, during, and after the training event. Before the Class […]