Building Bridges

The Pick of the Crop

Have you ever gone berry picking? Usually, you fill a container and pay by its size. Those juicy berries look so appealing you want to fit as many as possible into the container, right? Would you squish them in to get more? Or would you select the ripest berries to ensure excellent quality and highest [...]

Don’t Forget the Roadmap Before You Start Your Trip – the Value of the Needs Assessment

Before starting to design a learning solution, which tool can help guide your work? Just like embarking upon an unfamiliar road trip, starting a learning project requires a blueprint, a guide. To ensure you don’t get lost along the way, a map is essential (assuming this scenario takes place in the pre-GPS era). The map […]

Does Your Training Support the Business Needs?

Imagine this: Your department manager, division VP, or training director asks you to develop training on effective communications. What do you do? Jump to action and create the course? Or ask questions to identify the business drivers, operational gaps, and performance gaps to ensure the course you create delivers results to the business? I ask […]