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Bonnie Weigl

Bonnie Weigl

Bonnie Weigl

Bonnie Weigl’s background in learning experience design and development spans 35 years. She works with her clients to translate their foundational and complex business needs into training solutions that accommodate adult learners.

Bonnie’s key skill areas include:

  • Designing and developing learning programs that meet business and individual needs
  • Simplifying complex content to create clear, succinct lessons, exercises, and assessments
  • Creating reinforcement activities to ensure learning sticks
  • Analyzing content to create microlearning and avoid cognitive overload
  • Designing three to six-month learning programs
  • Curating content from available online resources
  • Learning strategies customized for virtual delivery

Examples of deliverables include:

  • Leadership and new manager training
  • Onboarding and new hire training programs
  • Procedural documentation for on-the-job assessment
  • Handbooks and user guides
  • Job aids and infographics that summarize key learning points
  • Quizzes, tests, and assessments

Known for working collaboratively with clients, Bonnie is flexible yet detail-oriented, completing projects on time and on budget. A recent client referred to Bonnie as her “magical unicorn” following a successful project based on Bonnie’s ability to listen to ideas and goals and quickly turn them into final product.

Bonnie holds a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Virginia and a BS in Special Education. Outside of work, she volunteers for several non-profit organizations. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, cooking, and jigsaw puzzles.

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