Solutions for Self-Reliance:

BRIDGE Solution® (rapid development)

BRIDGE Solution® (rapid development)

Manage your budget and still develop effective and engaging training.

This innovative, maximum-value service reduces vendor costs and helps speed up the SME design process. Our BRIDGE Solution® supports your SME as they Build Rapid Instructional Design Guided by EnVision’s experts.

BRIDGE Solution® Benefits

  • Value: We provide guidance to your SME, saving you money and supporting your development of effective and engaging training.
  • Reduced time to delivery: With your dedicated SME, the training can be built rapidly.
  • Increased SME buy-in and capability: Guidance by EnVision’s experts enhances your SME’s skills.

Explore our BRIDGE Solution® case studies

Our partnership with EnVision enabled us to achieve our vision of creating a cutting-edge, exciting new elearning series on unconscious bias…Their ideas, enthusiasm, expertise in curriculum development, and attention to detail helped us create an award winning product.

— Shilpa Pherwani, Principal/CEO, IBIS Consulting Group

Our EnVision consultant’s ability to connect with the subject matter, and her flexibility around our timeline was phenomenal. This was a very challenging project with two holidays and SMEs in 3 countries. She was able to keep us focused and on track and willing to make changes and adjustments as we moved forward.

— Michelle Ridgley, Learning & Development Manager, Medtronic Cardiovascular

BRIDGE Solution® Includes:

  • Curriculum roadmap.
  • PowerPoint frame.
  • Instructional design reviews and recommendations aimed at increasing target audience learning.
  • Slide and handout formatting.