Building Bridges

Keeping Your Seat at the Table

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A, B, C, or All of the Above?

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Looking for Gold: Vaulting through Evaluation Challenges

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Polishing Your Gems – And Showing the Value of Your Training Efforts

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Heating Things Up: Pilots Provide Useful Feedback

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Get to the Head of the Class in Writing Learning Assessments

A college midterm for Introduction to Psychology. The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. The MCAS (the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System – if you’re a parent to a school-aged child, you know it!) What do these three items have in common? Yes, we commonly refer to them as “tests” or “exams,” but like the MCAS acronym […]

Evaluation Enhances Blended and Online Learning

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Learner Feedback On-the-Go: Formative Level 1 Evaluation

Blank stares? Smiles? Droopy eyelids? How is your class going? In this e-letter we’ll explore methods to better evaluate learner reaction throughout a class (formative evaluation), rather than relying solely on physical symptoms (which may not be sending the intended message) or waiting until the end to have learners complete a (summative) course evaluation. Why […]